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6/9/18   Last Monday we announced our decision, with regret,  to close Valentines Old Time Dance Club.  We feel that there is too little prospect of it’s growing.  We are an ageing group and it takes only a bit of bad weather, a couple of injuries or a holiday to pull the attendance down so we have only two or three couples dancing.  Quite apart from the financial consideration, it’s not so much pleasure for any of us.  So we are having a party on the 1st of October to say our farewells and, hopefully, we can have some of the past members from the last seventeen years to be there at the end.

27/7/18  Apologies to everyone for about cancelling last week, but we were so few and those who may have come would be taking health risks.  We hope to see you all next week.

5/7/18   Congratulations to Jim & Truda on their diamond wedding today.

27/6/18   The midsummer party was quite well attended, despite two regular members being away, and we all had a good time.  We had visitors and retired members too, some of whom we hadn’t seen since last year some time.  We did end up sacrificing a couple of dances to the food break which we took early so that the food wouldn’t get spoiled by the excessive heat.  We combined midsummer with Pam’s 90th birthday.  Pam is still a fine dancer despite a few health issues.                                                                                                                                                               This posting is a day early because tomorrow we will be attending John Lincoln’s funeral in Oxford.  

31/5/18   Valentines midsummer dance party will be on 25th. June this year. There will be light refreshments and drink provided and a programme of not too challenging dance.  So bring some friends and have a good time.  If you are not a member you will still be most welcome and you may even want to make it a habit.

28/5/18  4.45pm   Just found out that Tony’s funeral will take place on Thursday June 7th. at St. Andrew’s church in Girton, at 12.15.  I have been away and may have missed a call from Margaret, but this was posted in the Cambridge Evening News and relayed to me on my return.

19/5/18   10.00am   I just heard that Tony died this morning.  Our love and support go to Margaret and her family.  Tony was always cheerful and friendly, no matter how rough he was feeling.  He was frustrated when dancing became too much to cope with.   I shall post the funeral date as soon as I know it.

17/5/18   I was a bit premature with Archie’s birthday.  It is not till June 5th.  No doubt he will survive long enough to enjoy it, I hear he is in excellent health.    I heard from Margaret Bateman this morning.  She has had a new heart valve and is in good health.   The bad news is that Tony is in hospital having had a stroke. He is unconscious but said to fighting for his life.           Sheila’s slipped discs are improving so she can get around her house now.     

9/5/18    Our congratulations go to Archie Crook on having yet another birthday.  Happy birthday Archie!

19/3/18   The club will be closed for Easter bank holiday, also the 9th. of April, since most of our members will be on the Sandown holiday.  We look forward to seeing you all when you get back.

1/3/18  Sorry we had to cancel the last session, but the weather was unsafe.  It is not fair to ask folk to come out in dangerous conditions. For various reasons we can’t recycle that programme as we might normally do so it has been modified.

14/2/18   Our party went very well and we got some nice feedback.  We had some visitors  who are always welcome, the extra folk makes so much more atmosphere.  The only slip up was that we forgot the spot prizes for the progressive dance.  There was plenty of food for which we thank Carol. She produced a fine spread, despite having a lot of pain(she’s a real trooper).

8/2/18     This week 12/2/18 is our Valentines birthday party.  We hope to see loads of people: dancers, exdancers and prospective dancers. So if you know of anyone in any of those categories bring them along.  It’s an all catered do, so all you need is some shoes.

1/2/18   Next week is our valentines birthday so there will be food and drink on the house.  It would be nice to have everyone, new, old and casual, to help us into our seventeenth year.  So don’t wait to be asked, just pick up your shoes and come along.

18/1/18   Last week we were a bit thin on the ground due to the dreaded flu bug.  We did, however, have a new couple to join us.  They are Jane & Al.  Jane danced with us five or six years back but has brought her new partner with her.  We hope they had fun and will make a habit of it, as we think they will enjoy it even more as they acquire more skill.

4/1/18   Our New Years party went very well.  We were forty strong, exceeding our expectation.  People brought lots of lovely food and everyone took part and helped out where necessary.  David Ingley was on great form despite doing a New Years Eve.  We saw people we haven’t seen for ages: even Margaret  & Tony.  Tony is in a wheelchair but seemed happy to be there while Margaret got a bit of dancing.      Thanks to everyone who came for all your support.


15/12/17  One o-clock today.  Ann just rang to say that Perter”s funeral will be at 11.15 at the west chapel of Cambridge crematorium.  Afterwards there will be a meet at Caldicote social club.  It will be good for Ann to see some of us there.

14/12/17  We had to close last time for bad weather so this weeks programme is recycled from last week.    We must sadly announce the death of Peter Doggett.  Peter was one of our main teachers and mentors when we came back to Old Time in 1996-7.  He and Ann ran a club at Comberton junior school.  They were very kind and patient and encouraging.  Then Peter injured his foot and felt the need to quit dancing .  We later bought his sound kit and most of his CDs when we started Valentines. Our sympathy and good wishes go to Ann at this difficult time.

7/12/17  We attended Sheila’s Sandown Christmas dance on Sunday.  It went very well, as one would expect with Sheila’s organisation and hard work.  The sad part was news of Ena’s passing. Her funeral is at St. Nicholas’ church in Stevenage on the 19th. at 1pm.

15/11/17  On new years day we will have a bring and share party from 2.00pm till 5.30pm    and to make it a bit more special, I have asked David Ingley to play the music.  So line up all your friends as guests so as to make it big happy meeting.

25/10/17  I am posting updates today instead of Thursday because Janie and I are off to Eastbourne tomorrow, ready to dance at OTDS autumn balls. We hope you are all pleased with the enamel club badges.  They seem to have been popular.  We are considering having some cloth embroidered badges from the same supplier.  Would this be of interest to anyone?  There are examples of their work here.

28/09/17  We attended Joyce’s funeral last Monday.  It was a friendly affair where we met people we hadn’t seen for ages including, Peter & Anne Doggett who had one of the Comberton clubs in the 1990s and danced with Valentines after they retired.  Chris from Abbot’s Langley was there and after the wake he spent the rest of the afternoon with Janie and I, then joined us for a club night of dancing. We were all very pleased to welcome him.

16/09/17   Joyce’s Funeral will take place at the East Chapel in Cambridge crematorium.  on Monday 25th of Sept. at 12.15.  The family ask for no flowers, but you may make a donation to the motor neuron charity if you wish.

The enamel badges are now available.  Please do collect your badge next time you are at the club, if you asked for one.  We hope that wearing your badge will give you the opportunity to talk about the club to those who might be interested in joining us.

14/09/17   I have to report the passing of Joyce Fordham last Saturday. She would have been 93 in November.  As yet I have no funeral date but I shall post it when I know.    Jim and Joyce were our main mentors when Janie and I came back to old time dancing.  They were always supportive of our efforts and taught us that “If you’re going to do it, do it by the script.”

4/09/17  Janie and I  danced at Abott’s Langley last night (Wednesday).  We were made very welcome and had a nice dance.  If you’re out that way on a Wednesday we recommend it.   Chris is a very good host.

Tony’s hip operation was aborted part way through because the team reckoned that he could not take any more anaesthesia.  So he is home again.  We hope that, with a bit of help and technical support Tony & Margaret can have a happy life despite their problems.

Kathleen & John have had their troubles too: she having fallen and injured her shoulder and collar bone but when I spoke to Kath the other day she seemed quite up-beat and optimistic for a bit of dancing in the not too distant future.  

Members will want to know that Tony went into hospital on Tuesday for his long awaited hip operation.  We send our best wishes and hopes for a full recovery.

The Party seemed to go off quite well and folk appeared happy so we are happy.  Any feed back would be welcome.

The midsummer dance/party will be on 19th.of June.  It will be fully catered so all you need to do is turn up ready to dance and have some fun.

Business as usual this week but remember we have another bank holiday  coming up so get your dancing in while you can.

20/5/17 Enamel Club Badges

We are considering having some enamel club badges made for Valentines, similar to these.  Please let us know if you would be interested.  They are made by a well established UK firm, who have been making badges for more than 60 years.  We do think you will like them.  It’s a good way to promote our club, which does need new members.

The club will be closed on the 10th. of April because most members are away that week with the Sandown holiday.  The following week is a bank holiday so that will be a blank as well.  We wish you all a very happy holiday.

Thanks go to all the members who helped out with leads and various other aspects of running the club in Janie’s absence last Monday.  Janie seems to be much better now and, with a bit of luck, we can return to normal this week.

We have had lots of encouraging feedback from the party.  I thought it went well, the dancing was good and so was the food.  So spread the word and bring your friends on club nights.

The 13th of February will be our Valentines anniversary party and of course you are all invited. It will be fully catered so all you need to do is turn up and dance. If you are not a regular member please let us know you are coming so we cater enough.

We had a very successful dance on 2nd Jan. There was a good attendance, although there were some absentees due to illness. The food everyone brought was just perfect. We could hardly have wished for better. It’s all down to you lovely dancers.

After next week we will have our break till 2/1/17, That is bank holiday Monday. That meeting will be from 2pm till 5.30pm. We’ll have a bring and share and a lot of lovely dancing. Bring and share some friends, if you can, as well.


The new version of this, our website, is now up and running.  It’s much easier for us to update than the old one.  We hope you all find it easy to use and informative.  It works well on phones and tablets as well as on computers.

I have just arranged for Elizabeth Harrison to play for us on the 21st. November so gather up your friends and bring them along to make her feel welcome.

We shall be dancing in Weymouth this weekend. We get back in time to dance on Monday so it is a nice easy programme. A cue for you to bring some new members and beginners.

THERE WILL BE NO DANCING AT VALENTINES ON THE 26th OF SEPTEMBER. I have a hospital appointment that I (Robin) cannot avoid and it will take up all afternoon and much of the evening and Janie is unlikely to be fit by then.

Janie was unwell yesterday and couldn’t attend. Thanks go to all our members who stepped up to cover for her. We have some brave ladies who will help me to do the leads. I think the evening went quite well really.
Janie is a little better today and we hope she may be fit to go to Hemsby on Saturday.

Janie and I danced at Abridge on Sunday where we had a very nice do, part of which was a 100th birthday celebration for Vera Woodward, a long-time member.

This coming Sunday 2.00pm is Abridge’s monthly dance I’m sure any of you would be welcomed there; they are nice bunch of folk. Then on the 27th you can dance at Hemsby village hall. That one starts at 7.30pm. I’m sure Brian would welcome some more dancers on a bank holiday weekend.

Our midsummer party seemed to go quite well although we missed some of our dancers due to ill health. We had some guests, which were very nice, especially since they travelled some way to be there. We do appreciate fresh members so if you know some likely candidates please bring them along.

Sorry this did.t get published as normal, there seems to have been some sort of error, probably my fault. On the 20th of June we will have our midsummer party with refreshments and drink provided. All we ask is that if you are not a regular please tell us you are coming so we provide enough food.

Thank you to all the members who helped so well tonight, whilst Janie was unwell. It speaks well of our membership that we can carry on without our main leader. I’m proud of you all.

On the 14th of March Valentines will not open because most of our members will be on a dance holiday.

Our Valentines party seemed to go well. The music and the food were both top class. We had visitors from several clubs and some old members who can’t normally make it these days. The atmosphere was great and everyone went home happy. Our thanks go to everyone who helped in so many ways.

Don’t forget to come on the 15th for our 15th birthday and Valentines celebration.

We have engaged Elizabeth Harrison to play for us at our Valentines party and Carol has agreed to cater for the buffet. We are inviting any dancers or potential dancers to join us that night. We would however like to know how many we are likely to have a few days in advance.

We wish you all a happy and healthy new year. Monday is our 2016 restart party and programme No. 700. If you have ever been to Valentines, we would love to see you again. If you have never been to Valentines, now is a good time to start.
Next week we shall have some mulled wine and the like. It will be our “close for Christmas” club night and it’s a time when we welcome old members and possible new ones. There will be a welcoming easy programme and time to reconnect or make new friends. For those who can’t get there: We wish you a very happy Christmas.

Tonight’s dancing is cancelled because so few people are available. We will recycle the programme next week.

Last night’s session was aborted due to fog and illness. The programme 694 will be used next week.

It’s a bank holiday this coming week so there will be no dancing at Valentines. We hope you all have a pleasant bank holiday and we shall see you all, rested and refreshed, on the 7th of September.

It was very nice to have a visit from Pat & Tony of Luton on Monday. For those who didn’t know, Pat & Tony do a great deal for several clubs and they deserve to be recognised.

On June 22nd we will have our midsummer party. It will be catered so all you need to do is turn up. It would be nice to see some of our less frequent callers so don’t hold back, come and have some fun.

We hope you all had a good bank holiday and to see you all on Monday.

Just this week, then another bank holiday. So lets make the best of 18/5/15.

On the 27th of April we shall not be open. This is because most of our members will be away on a dance holiday and it will leave to few to make it fun. The week after that is a bank holiday so we have another week off. We hope to see you all again on 11th of May.

We wish you all had a happy and peaceful Easter. There will be no club night this Monday as it is a Bank holiday.

Monday 16th is the our name day. So we make a bit of a fuss. Come turned out for courting and ready to flirt and be frivolous.

Our Valentines party is set for 16th of February. It is an all catered do, so all you need is to turn up. It’s a time when we like to see people that we rarely see, for whatever reasons. You are all most welcome but, if you are one of our strays or not a regular, let us know if you fancy coming so we can get the catering right.

Thank you to all the ladies who nobly lead with Janie in my absence on Monday. I hope it saved some risk of giving my cold to everyone. Janie, of cause, has not avoided it. R.

Happy New Year everybody, we look forward to seeing you all through the year for lots of great dancing. We kick off with our opening party on 5/1/15, which we will all provide for each other. Janie and Robin will bring the bubbly and other drinks.

Last night eight of us attended The Wilbury Wombles dance. It was well attended and we met a few more of Janice’s dancers. I hope to see them again. The American supper worked out well, as usual and we all had a nice time. We hope to see people there again on Tuesday at 8.00pm.

Last night we decided that, due to lots of you going away next week, we will not open on the 1st.of December.

Our normal pre-Christmas party would have been on December the 15th but most of us will be there the day before that, eating and drinking, at the Sandown club’s get-together and it could be a party too far. So we will have just mince pies and mulled wine on the 16th and have a welcome back bring and share party on January 5th.

Another visit from officers of the society. Paul and Hazel this time. We had met at Hemsby at Brian’s dance on the Saturday night. Our chairman and his lady were on their way home to Bath: they drove home after the evening at Valentines, I’m not sure if that’s devotion or madness.

It was nice to welcome Fred & Joyce when they visited us last week on their way home from Yarmouth. We hope they had a good time and will call again when passing.

We hope you all had a nice bank holiday and are not too rusty.

It was nice to welcome Bert & Christine on Monday night. We hope they find the dancing and company as enjoyable as we do.

Midsummer Madness was, we think, a great success. In no small measure due to Elizabeth Harrison’s splendid music and of course Carol’s excellent catering. There were 40 of us there, and it was great to have a few visitors, of whom at least one couple thought they might start being regulars.

We met a nice young organist called Elizabeth Harrison at Brian’s Hemsby dance and decided to ask her if she would play for our Midsummer Party. Luckily she is available and it will be a treat to have live music. I didn’t put it in before, but if you want to join in and are not one of our regulars, please gives us a call so we can get the numbers right on the catering. You would be welcomed anyway and it’s always nice to have visitors.

Midsummer Party Night: It’s all catered so just put on your glad rags and please bring a friend if you can.

Janie and I attended the funeral yesterday of Peter Jephson. He was a big character in old time dancing and he had good send off from a huge number of dancers, many of whom would have no club to dance at but for him and Pat. They travelled long distances to support clubs other than the two they ran in Luton.

Many of our members will be absent this week, on the Sandown Holiday. So programme 625 may be subject to change according to who turns up. We who remain hope the rest of you have a very nice week.

Some very sad news for our members. On Friday 7th of March Kathy Hull died. Our thoughts are with Ken and we offer whatever help and support we can. Her funeral will be on Friday 21st. at 11-00am in Ashwell church.

We had a good evenings dancing and a lot of good social last night. Plenty of people, including new members, Franny, Gwen and Terry. Vaughan took pictures and videos, he also took a place in The Lancers, and so we had three sets. Carol’s catering was excellent as usual. Pictures are in the Gallery.

It’s party time this week. So it will be a popular and not too hard programme. Just come and have fun.

We had two more new members on Monday night. Welcome then, to George and Lynn. They seemed to overcome their initial shock very well and we hope to see them on a regular basis. For the sake of our most recent members, we have a very basic teaching session on Saturday from 10am to 12noon.

Don’t forget this will be our Valentines dance night! It’s an all-catered do, so if you don’t normally come let us know before hand so there’s enough food and drink.

Monday was a good show despite having ten absentees. Jim and Truda turned up and were very welcome returnees. Ken also came for a second time and looked although he was getting back into it. We are well pleased and everyone seemed to be happy.

It was good to welcome Ken, a new member on Monday. We hope he had enough fun to keep his interest.

Happy New Year to you all. This year’s resolution has to be to dance more and introduce more people to old time dancing.

We had a good dance with a bring and share party last night. With old friends and visitors, there was a great atmosphere and everyone appeared to have a good time. Two new pictures are in the gallery.

This will be Valentines’ Pre-Christmas Party. Everyone is welcome; new members, old members, and non-members; the more the merrier. All you have to do is bring some food to share.

Sorry I’m late this week. We danced at the Society’s autumn do, in Eastbourne and we left here on Thursday before I remembered to update the site. It was good dancing, but sadly Malcolm Wilce had been taken ill and was in hospital. David Ingley stepped up to cover on Friday, for which we are thankful, but Saturday & Sunday were to CDs. Janie and I came home today to prepare for club night tomorrow.

It was really nice to have a nearly full turnout on Monday the atmosphere was super and the dancing as good as can be.

Programme 600 this week: we must be getting something right! Not too bad for amateurs? We thank our membership for their loyalty and hope to continue to serve Old Time Dancing.

Tonight we heard that Gerry’s funeral will be at Shepreth Church at 11.30 on Tuesday 8/10/13. On a happier note: Tony returned tonight with a new hip and he did several dances.

Sad news about Gerry Broughton. Gerry died this week. Our thoughts are with Sally at this difficult time. So far we have no date for the funeral.

The Sandown Dance was as good as ever and lots of us went to it. There was a very nice atmosphere and we all had a great time.

This time last year we all feared for the life of Wally’s Anne. But last Monday she danced part of two dances. Congratulations Anne!
Sunday 15th is the Sandown Old Time Dancers Autumn Together. If anyone is interested they should talk to Sheila: we have her number.

Don’t forget the venue change for this week.

It was nice to meet Keith & Lynn Kitson for the first time last night. We hope they had a nice evening and will make frequent appearances.

The change of venue for 19/8/13 is now confirmed the timings will stay the same. SG8 6PZ

The hall at Meldreth is repolishing the dance floor, so it is likely to be sticky for a week till it hardens, so we are likely to be at Shepreth village hall on that night. If this changes it will be posted here.

We had a good gathering for the Midsummer Party. It was lovely to see Peter & Ann again even though they didn’t dance. I even remembered to take a picture, although by the time I got round to photographing the food, that Janie supplied, there was but little of it left. Thanks go to all those who helped so willingly with the chores like washing up and moving furniture. Janie & me were about done for by the end. We slept well and felt it had been worth the effort.

Quite a few of us went to the Sandown Old Time Dancers get together and it turned out very happy and enjoyable. Les Allitt played the music and baited Archie as usual and we all ate very well of the food that everyone brought.

The Ball Of The Year seemed to go well. Janie wasn’t very well but coped admirably. We hope to have a couple of pictures to put in the gallery soon. The mid-summer party is to be 17th June and all you need to bring is your good selves. If you want to bring a friend or six, or if you don’t usually attend, pleased let us know so we get the catering right.

Jane & Robin are off to the Ball Of The Year; so no dancing on Monday. (Bank holiday)

It was nice to have a houseful last night with all the holidaymakers back and in fine form. The Sandown Holiday must have hit the spot.

Despite our low numbers (11), we had a very good dance-up last Monday. People got up quickly and very few sat any out. The selection of dances was hardly balanced but I managed to find enough music and we did sixteen dances.

Next Monday there will be very reduced attendance, so we propose to have a very loose programme and will make it up according to what you want.

Don’t turn up on Monday. We have bank holidays off. Have a happy time.

It was nice to welcome Jerry & Sally to the Valentines on Monday. We hope they had a good time and will want to stay.

We went to the Sandown Old Time Dancers’ Spring Together yesterday. Sheila put on a very nice programme of mostly OT dances and everyone seemed to enjoy a lively afternoon. There was a generous bring & share tea and soft drinks on tap the whole time. There was a subtle presence of St Patrick too.

Janie and Robin attended a lovely dance in Oxford last night and got home in the small hours. So we shall need support on Monday because we are a bit jaded. John and Anne Lincoln always put on a great do and Malcolm Wilce’s music was very good.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the party and it was great to see all the temporary absentees and catch up on their news: not that we had much time to spend with many people. The dances and music went smoothly and even the less experienced dancers did very well. Thanks go to all who helped us set up and pack up. If anybody took pictures please may we have copies to post in the gallery. I forgot to take a camera.

Valentines party dance night at Meldreth Village Hall. Food and drink provided. If you are a member just turn up. If you are a visitor please let us know so we can have enough for you.

It’s great to welcome Keith and Jean: Two new members who have also just become members of The Old Time Society. Don’t forget to come next week for the party. The more we have the better it will be.

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