Valentines is an Old Time Dance Club where, from 7.30 till 10.00pm on Mondays except for bank
we dance for love of dancing and for each other.

Janie & Robin are not professionals, but enthusiasts who like to share their dancing with as many folk as will join them. If you are a great dancer we would love to have you with us to help raise dancing standards: if you are an absolute beginner we’d love to introduce you to Old Time.

We can show you the steps and share our experience to enhance your dancing pleasure. We can also organize workshops for those who need a bit of extra help and tuition.

All our members are friendly and do their best to assist in making the club the success that it is and there is no reason for that to change.

Come along on a Monday night, make new friends and become an Old Time Dancer.

The club is part of the Old Time Dance Society, which you can join, and get all the information about where to dance and when the dances and balls are.